Thistledown's Sulwyn
We named this beautiful young male Sulwyn, which is Welsh for "sun-fair", as his fiber is fine, silky-soft, and remarkably lustrous. A number of people have already commented that he looks more like a suri than a huacaya! His color is also intriguing. He seems to be a light roan, with a grey nose, grey on his head, grey lower legs and clear vicuna pattern markings. His dam, Aurora, is a striking and beautiful Peruvian Mr President granddaughter, with excellent conformation and beautiful fiber. This 4X blue ribbon winning female has won a blue ribbon every time she has been shown and is a daughter of the grey male, Patagonia's Ulysses, who had an AFD of 21 microns in his seventh year. Sulwyn's sire is Royal Chocolate Fudge, a 3X blue ribbon winner with such notable names in his pedigree as Ghengis Khan, Spring Snow and Peruvian King. Sulwyn really is quite unusual and very beautiful - we are looking forward to seeing how he develops.

Awards: Too young to show until Fall 2006.

ARI# Pending Color: Light Roan/Fawn DOB: December 15, 2005 Bred: No

Dam, Aurora

Sulwyn's dam, Aurora, has won a blue ribbon in every show she has entered, including Estes Park and MaPaca! An eye-catching dark fawn and white pinto princess, she has fineness, density and grey genetics out of Patagonia's herd. A daughter of the grey Ulysses, who at 6.5 years of age had a histogram of 21.7/ 4.6/ 21.2/ 5.3 > 30, Aurora is also a Mr. President granddaughter, with the personality, conformation and looks to match her outstanding heritage. 

Aurora's awards: Aurora placed first in halter at the 2002 Estes Park Wool Market, first at the 2002 HARTS Fall Fiber Festival, and first at Alpacas 4U, Lincoln NE 2002. In 2004, she won another blue ribbon in the MaPaca 2004 fleece show, with 200 fleeces in show.

Sire, Chocolate Fudge

Sulwyn, 1 week old

HGA Royal Chocolate Fudge, or "Roy Boy", is a multiple award-winning dark brown male, whose regal bearing, coverage, density, crimp and luster set him apart. Dr. Julio Sumar commented on his density and crimp when he awarded him a blue ribbon at the North American.

"Roy Boy's" awards: First place halter class, 2001 and 2003 Eastern States Exposition. First place halter class at the 2002 North American Alpaca Show. Second place halter class at the 2003 MaPaca Jubilee. 


Sulwyn, 2 days old