PV Nikos
Nikos is an exceptional, half-accoyo, showy son of the renowned half-accoyo silver grey herdsire Aussie Rockford, owned by Peaceful Valley Alpacas in Oregon. Nikos is also out of one of the top quality grey females in the nation, Peaceful Valley Priya, bred and owned by Peaceful Valley Alpacas. Both of these alpacas are highly regarded winners of numerous blue ribbons. Nikos has outstanding conformation, a well-shaped beautiful head, extreme coverage and a dense topknot. His fleece is very, very fine and bright, with good architecture and a gorgeous dark silver grey color. He has well-defined narrow crimp throughout his fiber - all the way up his neck and into his topknot. Nikos is one of the most eye-catching and stylish grey males we have ever seen, with fantastic conformation, coverage, presence, movement and superb fiber. His genetics are now only available to customers, or through his offspring.

Awards: Nikos was only shown twice as a yearling, at Level 3 and Level 5 shows, where he won a Championship and two blue ribbons. Jane Tellier awarded him the blue ribbon in a class of 10 yearling silver grey males at the 2005 Virginia Classic Show, plus the Grand Championship out of all 33 grey males in the show! Julio Sumar awarded Nikos the blue ribbon in a competitive full fleece halter class of dark silver grey yearling males at MaPaca 2005, the largest alpaca show in the country, which attracts top breeders from as far away as Oregon and Washington. His yearling fiber won a blue ribbon in the 2005 Blue Ridge Classic Handcrafters' SpinOff, with a score of 90.5 / 100 and another blue ribbon in the 2005 Mid-America Alpaca Show Handcrafters' SpinOff. At the 2005 OABA fleece show, Nikos placed first out of 9 Handcrafters' SpinOff entries in the yearling grey class, and won the purple ribbon for Highest Score of all the grey/multi entries in the show, with 93.5/100 points. This was a Level 4 fleece show, with 212 SpinOff entries! His yearling fiber placed second in the 2006 Virginia Classic SpinOff, and second in the 2006 Southern Select SpinOff competition. At the huge MaPaca 2006 fleece show, Nikos won a blue ribbon in his class and the Reserve Champion Grey Fleece banner for his 30-month shearing, with only 1.5 points less than the 10-month shearing of the Champion, who has a $7500 breeding fee! Diana Timmerman awarded Nikos 20/20 points for fineness and handle. Jill McCloud also awarded his fleece a blue ribbon at PAOBA in 2006 and his yearling fiber won a second place out of 8 entries at National level in the 2006 AOBA SpinOff competition. His 30-month shearing won a blue ribbon at the VAOBA Alpaca Expo SpinOff in 2006, judged by Cathy Songer, a second place in the 2006 Mid-America Alpaca SpinOff and a first place in the 2006 OABA SpinOff.

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 LZD Tundra

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How many Champion-producing full Peruvian white males can also produce solid BLACK offspring?! Tundra is an excellent white male with wonderful conformation, coverage and presence. To complete the package, he has beautiful fiber, with extreme character, luster and bundling, plus outstanding density. Produced from the ideal match, breeding Marcela, the dam of "Show Me The Money" and "Silver Dollar", to Presidio, an outstanding Caligula son, Tundra is now proven to produce solid black, and his dam and sire have already produced some of the best colored alpacas in the nation. His sire, Presidio has multiple "Get of Sire" wins to his credit - his crias had won over 50 color championships and 80 blue ribbons at Level 3+ shows by the time Presidio was only 7 years old, firmly establishing him among the elite ranks of prepotent sires. Tundra's maternal half-brothers, "Mo" and the grey "Silver Dollar", are both exceptional colored herdsires, renowned for throwing top-of-the-line greys. In his first three shows, Tundra demonstrated that he too is destined for greatness, placing second in three very large, white, full-fleece halter classes, the most competitive classes of the alpaca world!

Awards: 2nd Place in a class of 12 White Yearling Males, and part of Presidio's 6th blue ribbon-winning "Get of Sire" class, 2004 MOPACA show. 2nd Place in a class of 12 White Yearling Males, 2004 Ft. Worth. 2nd Place in a class of 13 White Juvenile Males, 2003 Great Western Alpaca Show, Denver CO. Tundra's fiber was awarded a blue ribbon in the white class of the 2005 Virginia Classic Handcrafter's SpinOff competition, a red ribbon at National level in the 2005 AOBA Handcrafters' SpinOff competition, and a first place at the VAOBA Alpaca Expo SpinOff competition. In 2007 his fourth shearing won another blue ribbon out of four entries in his age group at the Virginia Classic SpinOff.

 Ben MacDhui
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MacDhui is descended from a long and impressive line of greys and blacks. His sire, Request the Best, is one of the most spectacular grey herdsires in the country, a multiple blue ribbon winner who placed first at the AOBA Nationals for three successive years. From his black dam, MacDhui has inherited perfect conformation and a grey and black pedigree going back four generations, including SA Silverado and The Silversmith. MacDhui’s most recent fiber analysis is AFD 22.3; SD 5.2; CV 23.3; % > 30 microns = 8.6%. He is an extremely calm and good-natured herdsire, who rules the pasture with his presence, not untoward aggression. MacDhui has incredibly dense, medium silver grey fiber and AOBA winning genetics to go with his gentle disposition and his first offspring hit the ground in 2003.

Awards: MacDhui has won numerous ribbons, including a first at the 2001 MaPaca Jubilee in full fleece yearling halter, judged by Julio Sumar and Susan Tellez (over 900 alpacas), a second at the 2001 Triple Crown in Dayton Ohio, (over 250 alpacas), and a third at the 2000 Keystone Klassic in the Juvenile Grey class. In 2002 he came home with four ribbons from two shows. Anthony Stachowski awarded him Reserve Champion and a blue ribbon at the Virginia Classic. MacDhui went on to win a second place in adult male halter at the 2002 MaPaca Jubilee, judged by Mike Safley (over 1100 entries), and Nard Mullen awarded his fleece a second place ribbon at the same show. This boy is definitely improving with age! His first son, the light rose grey Kinross, won a blue ribbon at his first show in September 2004, and to date, Dhui has produced exclusively grey and black offspring out of beige, maroon and dark brown dams.

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 Thistledown Meriadoc Tundra
Meriadoc, arrived on November 5, 2008 - nicknamed Butterfinger at birth, as he has the colors of a caramel and chocolate bar mixed throughout his blanket! Meri is the full Peruvian son of Blush, a blue ribbon-winning true maroon dam and Tundra, a multiple award-winning white son of Peruvian Presidio. His sire, Tundra, covers black, and Meri has dark grey gums and a maroon dam, so has strong potential to produce colored offspring. Meri's fiber is just awesome - extremely dense, uniform, soft-handled, long-stapled and crimpy. He has the fiber character and quality of a white, and won a blue ribbon and Reserve Championship in full fleece halter at his first show, the 2009 Level IV VAOBA Expo, when he was only 11 months old. He  has been shown in performance and costume classes by a 7 year old child, and is remarkably good-natured and easy to handle. If you are looking for a wonderful Champion male with the potential to upgrade the fiber of your colored dams, then this is your boy. He has some of the best fiber we have produced in our 9 years of breeding alpacas!

Awards: In his showring debut at only 11 months of age, Meri was awarded a blue ribbon and Reserve Champion of all the mixed males at VAOBA 2009, a Level IV Show.  At the 2010 Virginia Classic he placed first in his class, and second of all the bred and owned males in show, beaten only by the white Champion (who went on to win Judges Choice at MAPACA 2010)! The judge raved about Meri's density, uniformity, staple, hand and conformation. Meri went on to win a second place in the 2010 MAPACA fleece show, a second place fleece at PAOBA 2010 and first in a large mixed composite class at the 2010 Blue Ridge Classic. At MAPACA 2012, Meri's 41 month fleece won a second place in the pattern class, earning 18.5 out of 20 points for fineness and hand and the comment "exceptional fineness and uniformity".

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 Thistledown Fergus Interceptor

Fergus was born on April 29, 2011, the same date as the Royal Wedding, so he adopted one of the titles granted to Prince William that day! We selected his white dam, Chiffon, for her incredibly soft-handled, long-stapled, uniform, fine fiber, and for her potential to produce color when bred to color. This daughter of Sunset Hills Farm Andean Gold is a granddaughter of the magnificent 5Peruvian Santana and PPPeruvian Augusto. Fergus also boasts PPeruvian Victor in his dam's line, who had incomparable handle to his fleece, which is exactly what we aim for in our breeding program. Fergus' sire, Interceptor, is a 3X Champion true black son of Dark Shaddow, with Accoyo Camillio in his heritage. We were shooting for black with Fergus, but will happily take medium brown / recessive black from a Champion black sire, and a white dam with exceptional fiber qualities! Fergus has incredibly soft-handled, uniform, crimpy, bundling fleece already, and made his show ring debut in December 2011. 

Awards: Fergus placed second in his first full fleece halter class at the Level IV VAOBA show in December 2011, at just 7 months old. Very proud of him - he handled himself really well for his age! At MAPACA 2012, Fergus' juvenile fleece won first in his class and Champion of all the brown fleeces in the show, plus Best Prepared fleece in show. The judge commented, "exceptionally soft and uniform fleece - wow; beautiful consistent character". Fergus went on to win a blue ribbon in the juvenile class, and Champion of all the brown fleeces at PAOBA, in May 2012.

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