Thistledown Belinda - Chocolate doe
Buttercup X Emmitt
We're still working on our french angora page, but here are some pictures of our herd of colored fiber producing rabbits from show winning stock, including the rare harlequins and tri-colors, developed by Jill Wolpert and Sue Goodberlet.
Elm Grove Birdie - White doe
Blue Bird X Grover

Thistledown Elvis - Rare tricolor buck!
Teresa X Winston

Thistledown Snowbell - Squirrel doe
Erin X Frankie

Thistledown Frankie Jr. - Black Steel buck
Erin X Frankie

Goodberlet's Porter - Lynx buck
Sandy X Mark

Wolpert's Teresa - Rare tricolor doe
Millie X Timmy

Wolpert's Timmy - Broken agouti buck
Harle X Murray